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"Simulazione Di Divinita"


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Release: 2010
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Typhoid - Simulazione Di Divinita CD

With 'Destinazione Magnetica' - nearly a decade ago with Hands, the Ancona based musician Maurizio Landini released an absolute unique and magical piece of electronica; probably many years too early. Here is the second album of Typhoid. 10 years later, Typhoid's sound has developed further, perhaps less nervous yet still keeps the quality level that is an experimental merger of empathic chillout ambient soundscapes and IDM influenced eclectic beats.

Intelligent and breaky beats, sharp as diamonds, fly through warm and crystal clear electronica sounds and chill-out atmospheres. 'Simulazione Di Divinità' offers 11 IDM tracks at its best and includes an extended Version of 'Biscuits And Water' and an outstanding remix of 'Isolationaut' done by label mate Orphx.
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InfraRot item number:2007.535
Label's catalogue number:D153
1.Ho Quello Che Ho
2.Di Nuovo Buio
3.Non Vi Conosco
6.Vena Bassa
7.Biscuits And Water (Extended)
8.Milestoned (Feat. Zoon And Dj Mystica)
9.Raggio Di Consistenza
10.Nuovo Attese
11.Isolationaut (Orphx Remix)