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"Where Did The Night Fall (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2014
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Unkle - Where Did The Night Fall (Limited Edition) 2CD

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Label:Surrender All
2.Follow Me Down
3.Natural Selection
4.Joy Factory
5.The Answer
6.On A Wire
7.Falling Stars
8.Heavy Drug
9.Caged Bird
11.The Runaway
12.Ever Rest
13.The Healing
14.Another Night Out
15.Nowhere (Instrumental)
16.Follow Me Down (Instrumental)
17.Natural Selection (Instrumental)
18.Joy Factory (Instrumental)
19.The Answer (Instrumental)
20.On A Wire (Instrumental)
21.Falling Stars (Instrumental)
22.Heavy Drug (Instrumental)
23.Caged Bird (Instrumental)
24.Ablivion (Instrumental)
25.The Runaway (Instrumental)
26.The Healing (Instrumental)
27.Another Night Out (Instrumental)
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