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Release: 2013
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Untoten - Zeitmaschine CD

Welcome to Eternity! Everbody knows: We lost the track of time. Too much ‘Zeitgeist’ but not enough time for REAL living.. We dont love, we don't hate, there is fear and melancholy, instead of utopian dreams. So let's travel through time! Set your watches an hour ahead. Show me the woods, buried in snow. Burn - like Nero did - down the cities. Show me fire, colour, light. With strange melodies and puzzling poetry. Let's do the timewarp again. With Love: From Untoten!
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Label:Von Grafenwald
Label's catalogue number:GRAF 714
1.1 Mitternacht 1899
2.Alles Was Ich Weiss (1914 )
3.Ungeschehn (64)
4.Weltschmerz (1989)
5.Feuer (1944)
6.Das Zweite Gesicht (1514)
8.Willkommen In Der Ewigkeit (1933)
9.Kinder Der Unsterblichkeit (5Th Century B.c.)
10.1900 11 Märchen (1812)
11.Wo Sind Meine Träume Hin? (2000)
12.Die Dunkelheit, Mein Schild (802 701)
15.Talking Rings
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