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"Black Blood, White Hand"



Release: 2010
Status: Sold out
Uruk-Hai - Black Blood, White Hand CD

Epic/mystic Black Metal (Ambient) with a heroic martial touch. The 10-years-jubilee-album of Uruk-Hai (Austria) longs from the rage of the Orks to the beauty of Galadriel.

"Black Blood, White Hand" is the most varied album and the absolute highlight in the history of the band. Gloomy black metal hymns go along with fairy-like soundscapes and guide the listener through a unique acoustic journey on the most hidden paths of Middle-Earh. eleven songs and one video-clip come in a mystic digipak with images of Luciferia (Dimmu Borgir, Danzig,..) as cover model.
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1.Fresh Meat
2.The Fate Of Man
3.In Mordor Where The Shadows Are
4.Farewell We Call
5.Unter The White HandŽs Flag
6.Black Blood
7.Hidden Path (Heart Of The Frozen Forest)
8.The Dark Lord
9....Does Not Glitter
10.Tales From The Misty Mountains
11.Uruk-hai (Pt. V)