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"In Durins Halls (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2010
Status: Sold out
Uruk-Hai - In Durins Halls (Limited Edition) CD

Going back to 1999, where all has started and Uruk-Hai recorded their first Demo "In Durins Halls", a legend began: 11 years later they proudley present the re-arranged and remastered Demo from 1999 with totally new, epic & powerfull soundscapes and rough Black Metal Hymns feat. Pr. Sergiy from Moloch.

"In Durins Halls" is rough, epic, dark and full of forgotten legends. The album was hidden for a decade in in the mines of Moria but now its unleashed!

This is the limited wooden boxset of the remastered first Uruk-Hai album from 1999! Inclusive one Bonus CD with the original 1999 Demo (first time on CD!). Overwhise the box includes 1 Inlaycand (handnumbered), 1 Uruk-Hai logo button and 1 signed Uruk-Hai business card.
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InfraRot item number:2007.854
Label's catalogue number:WAR067lim
3.Durins Halls
7.The Unknown
8.Over Old Hills
9.In Durins Halls [Video]