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"This is not a false Alarm anymore"


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Release: 2015
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v01d - This is not a false Alarm anymore CD

v01d has collaborated on a single with Toronto's Ayria, and is also sometimes Ayria's live keyboard player.

This Is Not A False Alarm Anymore, v01d's debut is a sonic riddle without any easy-access key. The album is dense and cerebral, veers into strange territory for industrial, including off-time drumming, live guitars, and very well-written lyrics. Not your usual fodder. Of course, v01d shows his roots on every track, meshing elements of Haujobb, Boards of Canada, Pop Will Eat Itself, Faith No More, and Underworld into a slick and surprising release.
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1.Holding Pattern
3.Shake The Sleep
4.Gods Look Down
5.You Won't Feel A Thing
6.Carte Blanche
7.Burnt Upon Re-Entry
8.Resurrected Upon Landing
9.Beautiful Plague
10.Feel Me Fade
11.This Moment Is Over