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Van Undercut




Release: 2015
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Van Undercut - Tessera CD

Arrival and Return - The beginning of a thrilling journey. Follow VAN UNDERCUT with the new album "Tessera" into unknown realms of the soul.

The melange of known brutal sounds and delicate elements determine this expedition. The stages pass by Synth Pop, Industrial, EBM to Neofolk and lead to a new synthesis of Dark Electro.The manuscript of the path is determined by the fate, by one's existence and the infinity that dwells within us.

The companions SEELENNACHT, SADO SATO and CLICKER accomplish this over one hour lasting musical artifact.

Be a Tessera (part) of the entirety and celebrate with us the beginning of a new story of VAN UNDERCUT.
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Label:Future Fame
1.Ankunft Und Wiederkehr
2.Reise Heimatlos
4.In Der Geisterwelt
5.Ebm & Alkohol
6.Generation Ira
7.Misanthropie (Tessera Edit)
9.Von Zeit Und Raum
10.Steh Auf Nordwind! (Feat. P‰tzen)
12.Reise Heimatlos (Seelennacht Rmx)
13.Ebm & Alkohol (Sado Sato Rmx)
14.Dr¸ber Rutschen (Bonustrack)
15.Misanthropie (Clicker Rmx)
16.Seelennacht - Schwarz Bewegt (Vu Rmx)