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Vanligt Folk

"Fägata (Limited Edition)"


Release: 2014
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Vanligt Folk - Fägata (Limited Edition) MLP

Limited edition of strictly 300 copies, VINYL only!

Last years self-titled debut EP made Vanligt Folk one of the most talked-about EBM bands in Sweden. They played major festivals such as Roskilde, Electronic Summer, Kalabalik and more. This was followed up with the amazing 7" "Härdelsen" in autumn and now the band is finally back with their brand new EP "Fägata" holding 5 new simply amazing tracks. heir sound is always unique and they never seem to stop finding new ways to present their music. People sometimes refer to them as a mixture of The Knife meeting Nitzer Ebb with a punk twist.
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Label:Progress Prod.
1.A1 Rasseboogie
2.A2 Alla Har Råd
3.A3 Innanförskapet
4.B1 Fägata
5.B2 I Stenen I Skogen