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"A Strange Play - An Alfa Matrix Tribute to THE CURE"


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Release: 2014
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Various - A Strange Play - An Alfa Matrix Tribute to THE CURE 2CD

Everyone born between 1970 and 1980 has undergone a THE CURE brainwashing, voluntary or not, filled with genius songwriting pearls by Robert Smith & co. Whereas other bands that grew up alongside with them ended up with albums that no longer stand the test of fandom, THE CURE has been able to maintain an overall quality throughout the years, constantly offering unforgettable extended live shows made of nostalgic classic mixed with newer songs, and always reminding us that the unique "THE CURE magic" has remained intact!

Today the Alfa Matrix label ...
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Label:Alfa Matrix
1.Junksista · The Lovecats
2.Lovelorn Dolls · Just Like Heaven
3.Kant Kino Feat. Mari Kattman · Charlotte Sometimes
4.Aesthetische · Anniversary
5.Avarice In Audio · Disintegration
6.Aiboforcen Feat. Mondträume · A Strange Day
7.Star Industry · The Walk (Club Edit)
8.Cynical Existence · Lullaby
9.Essence Of Mind · Burn
10.Sebastian Komor · Lovesong
11.Alien Vampires · In Your House
12.Halo In Reverse · Prayers For Rain
13.Diffuzion · Pictures Of You
14.Metroland · Close To Me
15.AiBoFoRcEn · All Cats Are Grey
16.I:Scintilla · Fight
17.Helalyn Flowers · Burn
18.Kant Kino · Jumping Someone Else's Train
19.Cosmic Armchair · Friday I'm In Love
20.Mari Chrome · A Forest
21.Schwarzblut · The Figurehead
22.Zombie Girl · Fascination Street
23.Technoir · The Drowning Man
24.Regenerator · Prayers For Rain
25.Mondträume · Lament
26.Armageddon Dildos Vs. Bezirk02 Feat. Denise Kanka · The Baby Screams
27.Plastic Noise Experience · Why Can't I Be You
28.XMH · A Night Like This
29.Neikka RPM · Sleep When I'm Dead
30.Totem Obscura · Cold
31.Acylum · Trust