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"Amphi Festival 2016"


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Release: 2016
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Various - Amphi Festival 2016 CD

The Amphi Festival, which takes place every summer in Cologne, is one of the most popular scene-related events in Europe. The official compilation for 2016 yet again features an expert selection of this year's most important bands with their best new songs or greatest hits at a bargain price.

Right on time for this ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Editors · "life Is Fear"
2.Blutengel · "spiegel"(Reworked)
3.Project Pitchfork · "rain" (Remastered)
4.Solitary Experiments · "steering Wheel"
5.Ost+Front · "afrika"
6.Unzucht · "kettenhund"
7.Mono Inc. · "heile, Heile Segen" (Live)
8.Suicide Commando · "my Blasphemy"
9.Cryo · "shelter"
10.Dive · "two Faced Man"
11.Spetsnaz · "free Fall"
12.Spiritual Front · "children Of The Black Light"
13.Solar Fake · "all The Things You Say"
14.Angels & Agony · "the Road Not Taken"
15.Witt~Joachim · "ohne Dich"
16.Mantus · "zwischen Den Nächten"
17.L'ame Immortelle · "bitterkeit" (Re-Mastered)