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"Barco Do Vinho"



Release: 2006
Status: Sold out
Various - Barco Do Vinho CD

The title of this CD is the Portuguese word for Wine Boat - the boats that in the past brought the barrels of wine from the vineyards in Callaecia (Northern Portugal) on the river Douro to the town of Porto. The CD features four exclusive songs by the Northern-Portuguese group Sangre Cavallum and four exclusive songs by the Austrian group Allerseelen - ancient and traditional but at the same time brand-new avant-garde music, somewhere between apocalyptic folklore and psychedelic rock.
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Label's catalogue number:Ahnstern21
1.Allerseelen · Ó Coracao Meu
2.Allerseelen · Zauberblut
3.Allerseelen · Zu Später Stunde
4.Allerseelen · In Vino Veritas
5.Sangre Cavallum · Wein, Blut Der Erde
6.Sangre Cavallum · Cântaros D'euforia
7.Sangre Cavallum · Rabello
8.Sangre Cavallum · Weinwalzer