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"Born - Evolve - Progress Vol. 3"


Release: 2011
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Various - Born - Evolve - Progress Vol. 3 CD

Since the start in 2004 the aim and goal of Progress was to be a label where artist and label work close together to grow. 7 years later, the label has become the biggest electro label in Scandinavia and the goal remains to bring quality releases to the audience.

The third volume of the label-compilation features Top Quality acts such as Necro Facility, Covenant, Cryo, Code 64, Kite and other wellknown Progress acts - together with brand new signings like Henric de la Cour and Titans. 13 tracks at low price, focussing on most important thing. Quality! No fillers, just quality..... welcome to Progress!

ALL material is either previously unreleased or rare tracks!!!
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InfraRot item number:2009.291
Label's catalogue number:PROCD032
1.De La Cour~Henric · Dogs
2.Kite · Ways To Dance (Leaether Strip Remix)
3.Red Cell · Lost
4.Covenant · Lightbringer (Feat. Necro Facility) (Speedrun II)
5.Code 64 · Deviant (Spark Remix)
6.Necro Facility · Do You Feel The Same (Henrik Bäckström Remix)
7.Cryo · Change (90ies Mix)
8.Spark! · Popkomplex
9.Titans · Dried Out
10.Mr. Jones Machine · De Manbleka Tingen (Feat. Susi) (Beanbag Remix By Cryo)
11.System · Inheritance (SYSTEMatic Mix)
12.Sound Sequence · Grim Reaper (2002)
13.Mommy Hurt My Head · Flawless (Pan Alt. Version Mix)