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"Burial Hex/Iron First Of The Sun"


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Release: 2011
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Various - Burial Hex/Iron First Of The Sun LP

Limited edition of 500 copies-Vinyl only! Superb trans-Atlantic Power Electronics / Death Industrial face-off between Wisconsin's Burial Hex and Birmingham's Iron Fist of the Sun. Burial Hex presents 2 'pre-industrial' conceptual compositions. Aside from one synth at the end of the first track, this music was all made with acoustic sounds. Intense Power Electronics, but without using amplification or electronically generated sounds. Just like how many industrial artists have flirted with depicting sounds and atmospheres from the first and second World Wars, these pieces were composed imaging atmospheres closer to the American Civil War era. IFOTS's 4 tracks were recorded at Crushing Obelisk, Birmingham, England. Dedicated to betrayers of family / faith / country. Birmingham Nihilism! 40 minutes.
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InfraRot item number:2010.199
Label:Cold Spring
Label's catalogue number:CSR153LP
1.Burial Hex · The Coming Of War
2.Burial Hex · Act Aeon
3.Iron Fist Of The Sun · This Man Will Glow/Two Circles Of Salt
4.Iron Fist Of The Sun · Hessianmud
5.Iron Fist Of The Sun · The 5th Wife
6.Iron Fist Of The Sun · Grown Under Ice