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"Cold Waves IV (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Various - Cold Waves IV (Limited Edition) CD

Limited edition of 1’000 copies for the COLD WAVES Festival at legendary Venue METRO in Chicago (25-27 September 2015). Less than 200 copies are left after the festival!

The official Cold Waves IV festival CD compilation! Featuring 15 tracks -- 8 of which are exclusive to this compilation!

The CD features EXCLUSIVE tracks and remixes from Pop Will Eat Itself, Lead Into Gold, Front Line Assembly, Cocksure, High-Functioning Flesh (remixed by Covenant!!) and more.

Other artists that appear include favourites Severed Heads, Godflesh, Author & Punisher, and Prurient.
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Label:Crack Nation
1.Two From The Eye · The Clasp 5:18
2.Pop Will Eat Itself · War Inside My Stupid Head (Acucrack Rmx) 4:53
3.Lead Into Gold · Lunatic Genius (Co*ksure Rmx) 4:38
4.Front Line Assembly · Next War (Slighter Rmx) 4:42
5.Human Traffic · Degeneration 2:33
6.Godflesh · Curse Us All 3:47
7.Severed Heads · Lo Real 4:02
8.Cocksure · Razor Invader (Cyanotic Rmx) 4:56
9.High-Functioning Flesh · Afterbirth (Darkwraith Covenant Rmx) 4:04
10.Author & Punisher · Body Dome Light 6:35
11.Acumen Nation · Insurgent Collective 4:35
12.Prurient · Cocaine Death 4:50
13.Rorschach Test · The Third Day 3:56
14.Rabbit Junk · Pop That Pretty Thirty 3:20
15.Lab Report · Bombastic One 6:19