InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann




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Release: 2010
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Various - Correlation 2CD

Auf zwei CDs, die grob nach elektronischer und gitarrenlastiger Musik getrennt sind, findet der geneigte Hörer 37 aktuelle Stücke aus dem Repertoire der Echozone Labelgruppe zum Kennenlernpreis.
InfraRot sales rank:2,195
InfraRot item number:2006.209
Label's catalogue number:EZ10C437
1.Whispers In The Shadow · The Lost Souls
2.Denight · Unreal
3.--- · Liberation
4.Double Elvis · Vampyre Song
5.Born For Bliss · Kindred Spirits
6.White Rose Transmission · Wildest Horse
7.Saints Of Ruin · Never Go Away
8.DIE! · Lüg Mich An (Remix)
9.Eigensinn · Die Macht
10.Remember Twilight · Künstler Der Dekadenz
11.Mob Research · Wambulance
12.Spiritual Maze · Tonight
13.Dead Guitars · Pristine (Edit)
14.Downstairs Left · Before The Storm
15.Hussey~Wayne · Wake [live]
16.Hell Bar Blues · The Stranger
17.Reactive Black · Its Time Again
18.Lost In Desire · I Am You
19.Page~Nik · Voices From Outer Space (Valicon-electrified Mix)
20.White Pulp · Malediction
21.No Comment · Secrets (Crush In Basement Remix)
22.Lost Area · Blood Rain
23.Bionic · It Doesnt Matter
24.Twila.Too · Desiring The World?
25.Avoid A-Void · Myself Within
26.Distance · Back In Place
27.Division Kent · Pat The Pan Am Pilot
28.Zeritas · Dritte Person Singular
29.NONMusic · Waking Down
30.Gross~Andreas · 1847
31.Moon.74 · Gun (Scattered Mix)
32.Akanoid · Unbreak Me (Metamorphosis Remix)
33.Pandique · Empathy
34.Goja Moon Rockah · Mopet Punker
35.Place4Tears · Princess Valium (Overdosed Mix)
36.Minusheart · Futrure Lies (Nation Under Beat Mix)
37.New Risen · Private Cell (Sanctuary Remix)