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"Das Brandopfer & HWR - Ideal"


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Release: 2012
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Various - Das Brandopfer & HWR - Ideal CD

Split pro CDR is limited to 100 copies! It's a fantastic split releases from the two brilliant dark ambient acts.
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InfraRot item number:2012.146
Label's catalogue number:SLCDR154-12
1.Brandopfer~Das · Das Opfer
2.Brandopfer~Das · Imperial
3.Brandopfer~Das · Deutschland I
4.Brandopfer~Das · Origins Of Evil
5.Brandopfer~Das · Ideal Ideal Ideal
6.Brandopfer~Das · Deutschland II
7.Brandopfer~Das · In Formation
8.HWR · Wars Call Purity
9.HWR · Solstic Of Might
10.HWR · Ewiges
11.HWR · Gott