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"Dead Meat"



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Various - Dead Meat CD

2-ways split album - a great mix between martial, industrial, ambient, electronic and more. Five new Hrossharsgrani anthems featuring vocals by Bart Piette from D.M.H. and Pr. Sergiy from Moloch, as well as five new monumental epics from the master of Dark Ambient, Dead Man's Hill - this time a lot more intense and song-oriented than on earlier releases.

"Dead:Meat" is the so far most mature and complex album of both artists. Composition, interpretation and design feel like a smack in the face and leave no room for compromise! Morbidity meets iron avantgarde, romanticism encounters the frozen coldness of metal! .TAG O
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InfraRot item number:2006.335
Label's catalogue number:SKD26
1.Hrossharsgrani · Come My Phoenix
2.Hrossharsgrani · Znischy Jih
3.Hrossharsgrani · Countess Bathory (Venom Cover)
4.Hrossharsgrani · Warriors Of The Wasteland
5.Hrossharsgrani · Down There (Beherit Cover)
6.Dead Man's Hill · The Birth Of Death
7.Dead Man's Hill · Mother Destruction
8.Dead Man's Hill · And Nature Created Yellowstone
9.Dead Man's Hill · The Dangerous Emptiness
10.Dead Man's Hill · All Saints Day Rituals: To Baron Samedi