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"From Earth To Sirius"


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Release: 2011
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From Earth to Sirius' is a form of message sent from the Earth to the brightest star. It is composed of 20 exclusive tracks prepared especially for this compilation. Each of the participating projects presents a slightly different character and style, and, at the same time, shows a different aspect of the cosmic theme, its strong relation to the Earth cycle and human life.
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1.S.E.T.I. · Dogon Visitors
2.Different State · The Lesson
3.Apocalyptic Visions · Kontakt
4.Expo 70 · A1V
5.Nordvargr · Fallen Star
6.Rapoon · Human Energy Field
7.Phelios · Nebular Katharsis
8.Zenial · Invasion From Sirus B
9.Electric Uranus · White Dwarf B
10.Atomine Elektrine · Energy Net 3
11.X-naVl:et · Silver Star
12.Kia Karma · Opozycja Saturna
13.Hybryds · Darkmindscape
14.Ouroboros · Psalmum
15.Ah Cama-Sotz · Ezekiel
16.Emme Ya · Entrance To The Flame Of Sirius
17.Christblood · Simia Dei
18.Unknown Caller · Transmission F
19.Kallee · Sabbah & 23 Hashisheen
20.Therion Trismegistos · Towards