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"God Is Goth"


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Release: 2014
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Various - God Is Goth 2CD

Style: Darkwave / GothicAmazing (double) Wave/Gothic compilation, carefully compiled by famous Brazilian Wave/Goth DJ Alex Twin, founder and owner of the leading Brazilian alternative Label WAVE RECORED.

This beautifully packaged release comes with both great, acclaimed names of the genre from all around the world, and with new talents for a Gothic/Wave audience hungry for FRESH new input to the scene! At least 80% of the choosen tracks have been selected for maximum Dance floor potential and will leave a major impact during Gothic Parties! The double-CD also features selected FIRST EVER tracks by new discoveries such as Janara (Italy), Sky´s Gone Out (USA) plus unreleasedtracks from Summerian Fleet, Magal (USA), The Downward Path (Brazil) and Northern Sadness. Limited edition of 500 copies!
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InfraRot item number:9944.059
Label:Wave Records
Label's catalogue number:W046
1.Ich~Das · Gott Ist Tot (Nietzsche)
2.Merciful Nuns · Valley Of The Kings
3.Dr. Arthur Krause · Follow The Shadow
4.She Past Away · Rituel
5.Beauty Of Gemina~The · Prophecy
6.Ikon · Where Do I Go From Here
7.Disjecta Membra · Third Song
8.Soror Dolorosa · Autumn Wounds
9.Henric De La Cour · Dogs
10.Cinemascope · So Cold Inside
11.I-M-R · Poisoned Eyes
12.Beata Beatrix · Black D.
13.Sky's Gone Out · Start Bleeding
14.Date At Midnight · No Love
15.Downward Path~The · These Days Are Gone Away
16.Bel Am~The · Ofelia´s Dreams
17.Chiron · Ascent
18.Phantom Vision · Behind The Door (Edit)
19.Erato · Amnesia
20.Into The Mist · Devil My Angel
21.Northern Sadness · Bleed (Unreleased)
22.Escarlatina Obsessiva · Blossomy Parks
23.In Memoria · Virus
24.Janara · A Dream Within A Dream
25.Voyvoda · Iztok
26.Soviet Soviet · 1990
27.Darkoustix · This Lady
28.Opera Multi Steel · L´air Du Verseau
29.Double Echo · The Wake
30.La Fete Triste · Lèvres Froides
31.Sumerian Fleet · Love & Hate
32.Magal · Patchoul