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"Gothic Spirits pres. Dark Ladies 4"


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Release: 2014
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Various - Gothic Spirits pres. Dark Ladies 4 CD

The very best female voices in Gothic and EBM. Volume 4 of 'Dark Ladies' features 16 tracks by female-fronted acts or tracks that are however dominated by female vocals. Incl. XANDRIA, IN STRICT CONFIDENCE, TRISTANIA, HELALYN FLOWERS, LOVELORN DOLLS and others!
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Label:Golden Core
1.Tristania · Cathedral
2.Arven · Believe
3.Delain · Are You Done With Me
4.Helalyn Flowers · Before The Sunshine
5.Imperia · Braveheart
6.Stream Of Passion · Far And Apart
7.Visions Of Atlantis · Hypnotized
8.Xandria · Call Of The Wind
9.In Strict Confidence · Being Born
10.Envinya · In My Hands
11.Liv Kristine · Panic
12.Nemesea · If You Could
13.Lovelorn Dolls · Frozen Inside
14.Sin7Sins · Between Broken Dreams
15.Leaves' Eyes · Sorloed
16.Exilia · In My Veins