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"Gothic Spirits Vol. 3"


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Release: 2006
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Various - Gothic Spirits Vol. 3 2CD

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1.Nightwish · Wish I Had An Angel
2.Lacuna Coil · Heavens A Lie
3.Xandria · Fight Me
4.Flowing Tears · Mine Is The Ocean
5.Evereve · A Scornful Love
6.Sinamore · Sleeping Away
7.Scream Silence · Homecoming
8.Amorphis · House Of Sleep
9.Tiamat · Carry Your Cross And Ill Carry Mine
10.Naio Ssaion · The Mirror
11.Mandrake · The Necklace
12.Tristania · Libre
13.Orphanage · Driven
14.Kovenant~The · Star By Star
15.Deathstars · Tonques
16.Crematory · Reign Of Fear
17.Eisbrecher · Schwarze Witwe
18.Lacrimosa · Lichtgestalt
19.69 Eyes~The · Sister Of Charity
20.Moonspell · A Walk On The Darkside
21.Sentenced · Ever-frost
22.End Of Green · Weakness
23.Darkseed · Ultimate Darkness
24.Edenbridge · Shine
25.Mortal Love · Serenety
26.Visions Of Atlantis · Lost
27.Therion · Abraxas
28.Dark Suns · The Euphoric Sense
29.Stream Of Passion · Spellbound
30.Angelzoom ft. Roedernallee · Into My Arms
31.Leaves' Eyes · Farewell Proud Men
32.Vision Bleak~The · Sister Najade (The Tarn By The Firs)
33.Gothminister · Leviathan
34.Fields Of The Nephilim · Straight To The Light
35.Letzte Instanz · Sonne