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"Ich Bin Ein Berliner"


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Release: 2010
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Various - Ich Bin Ein Berliner 2CD

After one year of the succesfull monthly event 'Ich Bin Ein Berliner Festival' at SO 36, Emmanuelle 5 the french DJ & musician (LTNO/DeadSexy) present the double CD compilation produced by Araknid records, with 40 bands of the innovative, provocative, transgenre Berlin scene.

The nationalities, the identities are mixing, the different kinds of music too. Electro, PostPunk, Minimal, Cabaret, Glam, Rock&Roll,'s like a trip in Berlin fascinating nightlife.
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InfraRot item number:2007.739
Label:Pale Music
Label's catalogue number:Pale D-002
1.Robots In Disguise · I Live In Berlin
2.Randy Twigg · Done Up
3.Nuclear Family · Gay Is The New Punk
4.Transformer Di Roboter · Ultra Maxximizer
5.Glamour To Kill · Hello
6.Electrosexual & Scream Club · Party Time (Feat. Sue Denim)
7.Nachlader · Nahause (Larsmoston Remix)
8.Aerea Negrot · Ich Bin Dein Mädchen
9.Les Titz Grands · One Hundert
10.Mittekill · Wasser Oder Wodka (Elektro Willi Und Sohn Remix)
11.Noblesse Oblige · Duel (Mark Reeder's Shot At Dawn Remix)
12.Barotti~The · Tankestelle
13.Aniaetleprogrammeur · I Am Not From London
14.Looceedee · Red
15.Van Raveschot · Mams'elle In Distress
16.Nemo · Yellow Sun
17.Informer · Wired
18.Monotekktoni · Chinese Afterburner
19.Electronicat · Hoodoo
20.Morell~Steve · Lady Pheres (Album Version Feat. Monica Pokorna)
21.Team Plastique · Faux Poe
22.Jemek Jemowit · Er Wollte Es Hart
23.Eat Lipstick · Fuck London
24.Plateau Repas · Follow Me
25.Bonaparte · Anti Anti (Quinto Remix)
26.Dead Sexy Inc.~The · Afterhours (S20 & People Theatre Remix)
27.Malakoff Kowalski · Andere Leute (Fukkk Offf Remix)
28.Glitter Klinik · Beautiful And Nasty
29.Moustache~The · Not Today
30.Kill The Dandies! · Drug Me
31.Mignon · Hot Love
32.Assassinations~The · Nidnight Cowboy
33.Kamikaze Queens · Don't Look Back
34.Kill Her First · Eve
35.Mona Mur & En Esch · 120 Tage
36.Italoporno · Sternhfahrt Zum Uranus (Radio Edit)
37.Platzblanche · Burton Taylor
38.Flurr~Petra · Schnell, Schnell
39.Velvet Condom · Collapse In Slow Motion
40.Sue And The Unicorn · Pick Me Up