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"III (Seelenthron/Traum'er Leben/...)"


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Release: 2008
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Various - III (Seelenthron/Traum'er Leben/...) CD

This is a 3-way split album by the classic German NeoFolk bands Seelenthron, Traum'er Leben and Trinithos. On this album each band interprets their favourite songs by the other 2 bands + one own new song by each artist. The finale is a bonus track by Alexander Meier (Seelenthron) - a fantastic, neoclassical coverversion of a Soulsearch/Sturmpercht song.
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Label's catalogue number:HF 02
1.Traum'er Leben · Schwingen Des Lichts (Flieg Voran!)
2.Trinithos · Am Morgen
3.Seelenthron · Nordwind
4.Trinithos · Sternenklar
5.Seelenthron · Lachendes Gesicht
6.Traum'er Leben · Dunkle Sonne
7.Seelenthron · Quintessenz
8.Traum'er Leben · Ein Bild Aus Der Erinnerung
9.Trinithos · Erleben
10.Alexander Meier · Traumkampf