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"Le Label Noir Vol.2 (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Various - Le Label Noir Vol.2 (Limited Edition) CD

Second Volume in a series of CD-Compilations featuring classics and rare tracks from the 80's. Great french Label and nicely made Digipack-Release
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Label:Le Label Noir
1.Cabaret Voltaire · Time In Minutes
2.H. Kirk~Richard · Nocturnal Children
3.Zeebox · Laughing Box
4.Peron~Carlos · Nothing Is True
5.Dokument · Live In Fear
6.Clock DVA · Transitional Voices
7.Twilight Ritual · Fear For Losing You
8.In The Nursery · Twins
9.Alien Sex Fiend · Believe It Or Not
10.Attrition · The Visitor
11.Bender~John · Decomposition
12.Fab Two · Shadows Of Vega
13.We Be Echo · This Hour's Mine
14.Dark Day · Trapped