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"Maschinenfest 2012"


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Release: 2012
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Various - Maschinenfest 2012 2CD

'Maschinenfest' edition 14 never change a wining team, never change a concept that works perfectly: three days of electronic, industrial and experimental music, set in an atmosphere of friendship creating the vibe of an especially happy family gathering. The musical legacy is, as always, preserved on two cds, filled with one exclusive track by each of the 27 acts appearing on stage. This edition features a remarkable number of first-timers: Hydrone (atmospheric drones), Dirty K (gritty rhythm noise), Sabes (dancefloor rhythm industrial), Oyarrss (latvian halfstep), Syntech (tribal beats), Objekt Urian (angst pop), Flint Glass (dark organic atmospheres), 2 Kilos and more (dystopian ambient electronica) and Underhill (broken dubstep).

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1.HyDrone · Hydrocodone
2.Dirty K · Orphaned Mind
3.Sabes · Slave Files (Short Edit)
4.Hysteresis · Mayday
5.Nin Kuji · Gathering
6.Law-Rah Collective~The · Blickfeld
7.Hecq · Psyche
8.End.user · 7am Fog (Remix By Scheme Boy)
9.Sonar · Retortion
10.Oyaarss · Ode To Discouragement (Feat. Black Heart Rebellion)
11.Swanika · 10.06.1964
12.Syntech · Knochenarbeit
13.Objekt/Urian · Agitation Live
14.Flint Glass · Deep Phylogeny
15.Pow(d)er Pussy · Killamachine
16.Militia · Stabbed In The Black
17.100blumen · Your System Failed
18.Winterkälte · Fracking Siberia
19. · Only Hazard
20.Xanopticon · Hierodule
21.Underhill · Rivers Of Hades (Lake Of Fire Remix By Gore Tech)
22.Con-Dom · Control (A Modicum Of)
23.Geistform · Paricle Accelerator
24.Axiome · Le Solitude Du Grelon Face A La Chute (Docteur Moreau Remix)
25.In Slaughter Natives · Oldie
26.Haujobb · Crossfire (Remix By Dryft)
27.Rotor~Roger · The Lust Is Ours