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"Minimal Baby X (Limited Edition)"


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Release: March 2017
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Various - Minimal Baby X (Limited Edition) CD + CDR

Special Edition: CD+CDr housed in plastic bag, 27 bands and 106 min.Limitiert und Handnummeriert auf 100 Stück
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InfraRot item number:9950.791
1.Adan & Ilse - Superstar
2.Antidolby - Ciudad De La Linea Roja
3.Boy 83 Feat. Vanessa Saturn - Celestial Sphere
4.Christine Plays Viola - Nefarious
5.Das Auge - Gloves With Nails Painted
6.Echo West - Der Dunkle Held
7.Exiled Dead - Tired
8.Honeychurch - Letters Of People Who Faded Away
9.Nejet Nok – Weltuntergangstag
10.Not Ready - The Sad Truth (Minimal Baby Version)
11.Pio D'orco - Kabobo (Nanegro Estrumental Mix)
12.Plastikstrom – Wandertag
13.Psychedelic Headshot - Sie Kehrt Nie Zurück
14.Rue Oberkampf - Le Train (Abc Cover)
15.Schwarzwald - Straßen Ins Nichts
16.Shift69 - Bang The Sound
17.Special Love - Young Man
18.Sweater With A Hood - Shitmakers (Minimal Baby Version)
19.Thx 1971 - Die Turnstunde
20.Vääristymä - Tunneloitu Potkuri
21.Vita Noctis - Alone (Extended Version)
22.#define - Nanjing Nights
23.Not Ready - Side Effects
24.Psychedelic Headshot - Abgrund
25.Shift69 - Nothing But Space (Rough Edit)
26.Special Love - Communal Showers
27.Vääristymä - Pulma