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"Not so cold – A warm Wave Compilation"



Release: 2016
Status: Sold out
Various - Not so cold – A warm Wave Compilation 2CD

When the precursor of Twice a Man, Cosmic Overdose, was performing the frst concerts in Sweden in the end of the 70´s with rhythm box, synthesizers and weird sounding guitar the journalists tagged the music "cold wave". We had the opposite view, as we were run by passion, anger, melancholy… As then, we now live in dark times; terror, corruption, war, greed… we still have to hunt down inner and outer demons, to deal with the dark sides of life and society, to activate a rebellion against what is fundamentally wrong. Music without darkness is not possible. The Warm Wave bands all have this in common. There is a mutual understanding that i feel is intuitive. The Warm Wave concept is powered by rebellion and passion, a refusal to adapt to an individualistic social climate. We fnd answers in empathy, solidarity, equality and visions that other ways of living is possible. “We believe in colors of the rainbow and we fnd comfort in the heart of darkness. We believe the heart to be red and rebellious and that it stings and itches when the world is breaking apart.”

During two weekends in Sweden ...
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Label:Sleepless Records
1.Absolute Body Control · Take A Deep Breath
2.Peine Perdue · Descente*
3.Balvanera · Dialectica Paralizada*
4.Winter Severity Index · Inconstant Stay *
5.Jenn Vix · Let Me In
6.Hante · Falling From Grace
7.Yus Yus · Proleter
8.Jenny Eve & Dan Söderqvist · Immersion
9.Alvar · The Very Witching Time Of Night
10.Schonwald · Gemini
11.Tiers · Vignette
12.Adam Berces · Hohullám
13.Vólkova · Come And See
14.Die Lust! Feat Neue K · Viaje Literario
15.Dark Places Kult · White Bone
16.Pozhar · Cold
17.Mad Masks · Sélenite
18.Twice A Man · Power Of Your Dreams
19.Red Mecca · Mistaken*
20.White Birches · Rid The Numbness
21.Animaux Surround · Not So Quiet*
22.Inhalt · Black Sun (Live In L.a)
23.Alles · Nie Przeidziemy Do Historii
24.Diktatur · Things That They Didn ́t Teach Us
25.Rational Romantic · Gute Haltung Schöner Gang
26.Equinoxious · La Mujer De Plastico
27.Vile-Oblique · Blossom
28.My Great Blue Cadillac · Bdp
29.Drift · Mirage
30.Kriistal Ann · Distant Icon
31.Novva Falla · Ueito
32.Unidentified Man · Outcast
33.Lola Kumtus · The Art Of Avoidance
34.Kord Feat. Annie · Two Thoughts
35.Spettro Family · Almost Human