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"Oak Folk"



Release: 2010
Status: Sold out
Various - Oak Folk CD

'Oak Folk' is a CD anthology compiled by Gerhard Hallstatt from Allerseelen with exclusive contributions by numerous European and North American groups who have one thing in common: a close connection to nature, to trees and woods.

All the groups were invited to write a song about the sacred oaktree. The result is a wonderful compilation with songs with an atmosphere somewhere between Dark Ambient, Folklore and sometimes even a slight Black Metal touch.

The CD comes in a 6-page-digipak edition with photographs by Gerhard Hallstatt, designed by Haate Kaate who already did stunning artwork for other Ahnstern groups like Allerseelen and Svarrogh. 'Oak Folk' is the definite follower of the famous compilation 'Wir rufen deine Wölfe'!
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InfraRot item number:2007.935
Label's catalogue number:AORCD14
1.Agalloch · Oaktree
2.Allerseelen · Oaktree
3.Arnica · Oaktree
4.Changes · Oaktree
5.Dannagoischd · Oaktree
6.Fräkmündt · Oaktree
7.Hrefnesholt · Oaktree
8.Klammheim · Oaktree
9.Splinterskin · Oaktree
10.Sturmpercht · Oaktree
11.Waldteufel · Oaktree
12.:Werra: · Oaktree