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"Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome Vol. 3"


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Release: 2009
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Various - Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome Vol. 3 2CD

Exactly 2 years after the release of previous "Post Alcoholic Body Syndrome II" and 4 years after the release of our first compilation. Traditionally extensively represented the russian special force of industrial scene: The-Pulsar, Wavefall, Denergized, CycloneB and delegation from home of Advoxya - Hungary: Schyzzo.Com, Impact Pulse, Nothing Nada, which had patronage of the new names (V.E.N., Niteshift).
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InfraRot item number:2004.808
Label's catalogue number:ad-PABS-3-dcd
1.Denergized · Time (Pabs3 Edit)
2.Alien Produkt · Inflexible (Narr Remix)
3.Nexus VI · Face To Face (Sampler Edition)
4.Synaptic Defect · Alone In The Dark (Pabs3 Edit)
5.Deadjump · Animus Necandi (With A Knife Mix)
6.Spin Provider · Patroni (556 Mix)
7.Drained Scorn · Bone Breaker (Pabs3 Remix)
8.Pain Machinery~The · Total Recall (Extended Mix)
9.Mind.Area · Sap (Mastered For Pabs3)
10.Massiv In Mensch · Never Trust The Outline (Massive Module Mix By Impact Pulse)
11.First Black Pope · Blackdays (Advent Remix)
12.Mulphia · Who Needs God (Pabs3 Exclusive Track)
13.Crystalline Effect~The · How I Get Out (Advoxya Hard Mix)
14.Pulsar~The · My Dream (Pabs3 Special Edition, Tuned Up By Wavefall)
15.Sadiztik Injektion · Near Apocalypse (Pabs3 Edit)
16.V.E.N. · Nothing Remains (Cut Module Mix By Impact Pulse)
17.Hired.Life · Contract (Dx Version)
18.Cyclone B · The Sun (Alcoholic Body Rmx)
19.Sublagrimal · Sangre Y Muerte (Remix ES23)
20.Total Pain Kollapz · The March Of The Dead (Scitzo Mix)
21.Impact Pulse · Es A Vilag (Speaking Hungarian Pabs3 Edit)
22.T.W.Z. · The 5th Day, The 6th Night (Severe Illusion Vs. T.W.Z.)
23.Larva · The Hated (Fyl Remix)
24.Wavefall · Collider (Find New Matter Mix)
25.Snog · Bourgeois (Anarchy Mix By Recently Deceased)
26.Truppenterror · Judas Confession (Pabs3 Edit)
27.Asseptic Room · Bones Of Angels (Larva Remix)
28.Nothing Nada · What Can I Say (Feat. Erika Kertesz)
29.HL-Coder · War Ich Nicht (Wavefall Remix)
30.Controlled Collapse · Inject (Digital Poodle Mix) · Rouge (Burn Out! Rmx)
32.Plague Sequence · Body (Mastered For Pabs3)
33.Niteshift · Alien Breed (Sudden Version)