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"So80s (so Eighties) ZTT"


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Release: 2014
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Various - So80s (so Eighties) ZTT 2CD

ZTT is the label of superstar producer Trevor Horn and was founded in 1983 together with Paul Morley and Jill Sinclair. The Mix of perfect Pop Music, new recording and Sound technologies, great Artwork and Marketing gave artists like Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Propaganda or The Art of Noise the perfect home to conquer the world. Hit records like "Relax", "Dr. Mabuse", "Two Tribes", "Moments In Love" or "The Power Of Love" became bestselling records in the mid 80s and are, no doubt, considered as "classics" today.

What’s special about this new so8os project is that Trevor Horn has agreed to hand over the original multi-tracks and Blank & Jones have set about reconstructing new mixes with the self-imposed restriction of only using the original parts available from the original tapes. This offersl the freshness and excitement of a new reworking, coupled with the authenticity of a period remix.

NOTE: The full tracklist will be revelead very close to release date only!
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1.Frankie Goes To Hollywood · Relax (Blank & Jones So8Os Reconstruction) 9:50
2.Frankie Goes To Hollywood · Rage Hard (Blank & Jones So8Os Reconstruction) 10:54
3.Frankie Goes To Hollywood · Two Tribes (Blank & Jones So8Os Reconstruction) 8:12
4.Propaganda · Duel (Blank & Jones So8Os Reconstruction) 12:16
5.Frankie Goes To Hollywood · San Jose (Blank & Jones So8Os Reconstruction) 5:55
6.Frankie Goes To Hollywood · Warriors Of The Wasteland (Blank & Jones So8Os Recon
7.Propaganda · Dr. Mabuse (Blank & Jones So8Os Reconstruction) 9:56
8.Frankie Goes To Hollywood · The Power Of Love (Blank & Jones So8Os Reconstructio
9.Art Of Noise · Moments In Love (Blank & Jones So8Os Reconstruction) 6:36
10.Frankie Goes To Hollywood · Black Night White Light (Blank & Jones So8Os Reconst
11.Frankie Goes To Hollywood · Watching The Wildlife (Blank & Jones So8Os Reconstru
12.Propaganda · A Dream Within A Dream (Blank & Jones So8Os Reconstruction) 9:03
13.Frankie Goes To Hollywood · Welcome To The Pleasuredome (Blank & Jones So8Os Rec