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"Suicide Commando Presents: Decoder V.2.0"


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Release: 2004
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Various - Suicide Commando Presents: Decoder V.2.0 CD

Von Johan Van Roy (Suicide Commando) zusammengestellte Compilation!
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1.Agonoize · Open The Gate
2.Dunkelwerk · Die Sechte Armee (M.A.O. Mix)
3.Die Sektor · Lust Angel
4.X-Fusion · Guilty Mass
5.Contrast · Follow The Leaders
6.Arzt+Pfusch · Cthulhu Supermarket
7.Discipline Unit · Advanced Surpression
8.Terrorfakt · Arsenal
9.Coinside · Eremit
10.Plastic Noise Experience · Plastik Fantastik
11.Controlled Collapse · Guidance (X-Fusion Remix)
12.Klaustrophobik · You Can't X-plain
13.Severe Illusion · Surveillance
14.Hioctan · Narrow
15.Invidious · Freier Mensch
16.Virtual Embrace · The End
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