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"The Nature Of Mother Dance"



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Various - The Nature Of Mother Dance CD

Mit viel Liebe von Patty Hele ("Mother Dance") zusammengestellte Compilation.Das Artwork der CD im Nature-Pak wurde von Monica Richards(Faith & The Muse) gestaltet. Enthält größtenteils exklusives Material von Faith & The Muse, Shadow Project, Gitane Demone, Ataraxia, Arcana,Ordo Equitum Solis usw.
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1.Faith And The Muse · All Lovers Lost
2.Gitane Demone · I Lost A Friend To Heroin
3.Cybele · Asleep
4.Mother Destruction · To Odr
5.Morbus Kithahara · The Battle
6.Hekate · A Melancholy
7.Shadow Project · Forever Came Today [Live]
8.Ordo Equitum Solis · The Vault Of Heaven
9.Arcana · Prophecy Of The Inevitable
10.Hagalaz Runedance · When The Trees Were Silenced
11.Ataraxia · Oduarpa
12.Yasnaia · There Was A Night
13.Trio Noir · Double Cross