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"The Resurrection..."


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Various - The Resurrection... CD

'The Resurrection' is a specially priced 11 track compilation that includes selections from all the artists on the WTII Roster and marks the debut for two of our up and coming artists, Trigger10d and Deceptio Mentis. 'The Resurrection' also features several never before heard or domestically unavailable remixes from HMB, In Strict Confidence, Regenerator, Melotron and Stromkern.
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InfraRot item number:2010.909
Label:WTII Records
Label's catalogue number:WTII007
1.In Strict Confidence · Kiss Your Shadow (Extended Version)
2.H M B · This Fire (FAP7 Mix)
3.Melotron · Tanu Mit Dem Feufel (Klirrfaktor Mix)
4.Stromkern · Perfect Sunrise
5.Trigger10d · Most People Don't Forget
6.Beborn Beton · Peach 2002
7.Controlled Fusion · War
8.Regenerator · Take Me V.2
9.State Of The Union · Enemy Of The State
10.Deceptio Mentis · In Absence
11.Arcanta · Lakshmita