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"TSOB/The Sound Of Belgium Vol.2 (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2015
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Various - TSOB/The Sound Of Belgium Vol.2 (Limited Edition) 10LP

Streng limitierte 10-fach Vinylausgabe der Compilation "TSOB / The Sound Of Belgium Vol.2" zum gleichnamigen Film. Exzellente Retrospektive zum belgischen Electrosound der letzten Dekaden. Mit 36 von 57 CD-Tracks auf zehn 12" Samplern. Gelbes Vinyl. Limitiert auf 200 Stück weltweit.
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1.Lio · Sage Comme Une Image (Version Longue)
2.Ramses Ballet · Ramses Theme
3.Starflight · Dance To The Beat
4.Dance Reaction · Disco Train
5.Wet · That's The Game (Instrumental)
6.Kuruki · Crocodile Tears
7.Aksak Maboul · Saure Gurke
8.Zazou Bikaye & Cy1 · Dju Ya Feza (Simon Boswell Remix)
9.Wim Mertens · Struggle For Pleasure
10.Snowy Red · Euroshima (Wardance)
11.Takis · Paris-Istanbul
12.La Rolls · Sure Is (24 Tracks Mix)
13.Para Noise · Jungle Beat
14.A Split Second · Flesh
15.Bx-8017 · Take An Acid
16.Real Man · Fashion Victims (New Beat Remix)
17.Ghostdance · Ghostbeat (New Beat Mix)
18.Amnesia · Ibiza (Loco Acid Mix)
19.Fax Yourself · Walking On Sunshine 89
20.Stabbed · (Theme From) Chicago
21.Farley Jackmaster Funk · The Acid Life
22.Quadrophonia · Quadrophonia
23.Djpc · Inssomniak (Lagoa Extreme Mix)
24.Two Pieces · Magic Bells
25.Dilemma · Erase Your Mind
26.Eclips 21 · Nebula (1St Soul Mix)
27.Edwards & Armani · Desert Silence
28.Liaisons D · He Chilled Out
29.Jessie Deep! · Chill Out Space
30.At The Villa People · Open Your Eyes
31.Trance Team · The Force
32.Ragged Life · My Friend Is Taking Drugs (Dj Freud Vision)
33.Critical Fluids · Fluxing Four
34.Sebastian S · Etheral
35.Dj Dave Davis · Transfiguration
36.Mackenzie Feat. Jessy~The · Arpegia (Without You) (Odyssey To Kevin Jee Mix)
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