InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann
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"VOD-Records presents 80’s Minimal.Synth.Wave.Vol.2"


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Release: 2014
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Various - VOD-Records presents 80’s Minimal.Synth.Wave.Vol.2 12LP

  • Mike Vamp Recordings 1980-84 (1Lp)
  • Ericka Irganon / JJ Cabanis PPPK010+PPPK017 (1Lp)
  • Mark Lane Who's Really Listening? (extended) 30th Anniversary (1Lp)
  • Robert Marlow The Blackwing Sessions 1982/83 (1Lp)
  • Malcolm Brown Recordings 1979-83 (1Lp)
  • Ptose Productions The Official Guide to Ptose 1979-82 (1Lp/7"inch)
  • Modern Jazz/Ash Wednesday/Thealonian Music 1980-83 (2Lp/DVD)
  • Sea of Wires / Chris Jones Recordings 1980-82 (2Lp)
  • Techno Menses/Kusafuka Japanese 80’s Minimal/Synth 80-83 (2Lp)
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