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Verney 1826

"The Ghosts Of Yesterday"


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Release: 2015
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Verney 1826 - The Ghosts Of Yesterday CD

Verney 1826s new album is nothing but a masterpiece of orchestral arrangements, neoclassical influences and an overall martial and almost cineastic gothic atmosphere, which stands out among the current stereotype releases of the Martial Industrial genre. While it's 2013 released predecessor "Ex-Libris" was a conceptional work of poetry that influenced Lionel Verney over the years, "The Ghosts Of Yesterday" is an album of 17 tracks based on historical events that speak for themselves, offering a wide variety of songwriting skills and numerous guest musicians (among them Schattenspiel, Bjarkan Ar Valda, The Victim's Ball) that leave their mark on the respective tracks.
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1.Roma Aertana Est
2.The Oracle Of Delphi
3.Queen Of Hearts
5.In Calvins Schatten
7.Oh You, Sad Cypess
8.Promised Land
9.The Seven Seas Of Ice
10.Miles To Go
11.Fanal Guido Faukes
12.Ein Wintermärchen
13.O Komm, O Komm, Emanuel
15.Für Tausend Bittere Stunden
16.The Voice Of Reason
17.End Of History