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Victor Love



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Release: May 2016
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Victor Love - Technomancy LP

Limited edition of strictly 300 copies ONLY! Place your orders in time!!!

Technomancy is the debut album of Victor Love (Dope Stars Inc., Epochate, Hacking The Wave). A crossover of industrial & dark electronic music, distorted drums, dark synths and controversial lyrics exploring the effects of advanced technologies on hyper connected societies & virtual realities in a setting where those technologies have become indistinguishable from magic.

The album features international guest stars such as KMFDM, Deathstars, Spiritual Front, Army of The Universe, Aborym & Zu along with emerging artists such as Deflore, The Enigma TNG, Hate Inc. & ORAX. An album rich of contaminations by different styles with an exceptional artwork designed by pixel artist Valenberg.

"Sometime in the near future in a reality not so far away advanced technology has become indistin- guishable from magic. A gathering of Technomancers against dystopia is born. Programming spellware to break the firewall of conformity. Armed with open source grimoires. Codebreaking the occult. Hackers of the arcane. Masters of Technomancy"
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1.A1 Bitchcraft (Feat. Kmfdm)
2.A2 Irrationality (Feat. Spiritual Front)
3.A3 Cocaine (Feat. Deflore)
4.A4 Surrenders (Feat. Deathstars)
5.A5 Machine Gun (Feat. Army Of The Universe)
6.B1 The New System (Feat. Aborym)
7.B2 I Curse You (Feat. Zu)
8.B3 Blind Or Dead (Feat. The Enigma Tng)
9.B4 Can’T You Remember (Feat. Hate Inc.)
10.B5 Black Dreams (Feat. Orax)