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"The Violet Steam Experience"


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Release: 2013
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Violet - The Violet Steam Experience CD

Recently, the ambitious and enterprising producers Bianca Stücker “Cinnamon Star” and Oliver Pietsch “Dr. P” busied themselves mainly with their underground music and belly dance project The Violet Tribe, earning international acclaim, but now they have returned to work with Violet: Together with Markus Bosser (violin), Rainer Janssen (keyboards), Lars Kappeler (bass), and Gerwin Spalink (drums), Stücker and Pietsch expanded the musical cosmos of the band to create The Violet Steam Experience.

The band hasn’t lost its ...
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2.Apocalyptic City
3.Domino Effect
4.Intro Sleepless
6.In The State Of Dreaming
7.Land Of Delight
8.Deep Down Underground
9.Teaparty 42
10.I'm Leaving Ground
11.Prometheus (Spherical Mix)