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Viscera Drip

"Perpetual Adversity"


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Release: 2015
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Viscera Drip - Perpetual Adversity 2CD

Label says: „Iam been hunting for this band since the end of era of Myspace – around 2009-2010. Liked their stuff, which remains me sometimes the best side of God Module sound. Very glad and proud that with our common effort the second official album from this american, without doubts talented band Viscera Drip finally sees the light of the days. Hopeful more releases coming soon, even in 2016”.

but for now - Viscera ...
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1.Fuck This Life
2.Kill Them All
5.A Stranger To Myself (Featuring X-Fusion)
7.Dear Enemy
8.Dont Pray For Me
9.A Prolonged Suicide
10.Slaves Of No Hope (Featuring Leaether Strip)
12.Lets Make Evil
13.Fuck This Life (Ruinizer Remix)
14.Fuck This Life (X-Fusion Remix)
15.Maniac (Cold Therapy Remix)
16.Dear Enemy (Encono Remix)
17.Dont Pray For Me (Alien Vampires Remix)
18.Roundabout (Touched By Stahlnebel & Black Selket)
19.Lets Make Evil (Obsidian Fx Remix)
20.A Stranger To Myself (Bleeding Corp Remix)
21.Misanthropy (Sin Dna Remix)
22.Dear Enemy (Cynical Existance Remix)
23.Dont Pray For Me (Mordacious Remix)
24.Slaves Of No Hope (Black Adept Version)
25.Maniac (Slaughter House Remix By Nano Infect)
26.Fuck This Life (Dr. Krank Remix)
27.A Stranger To Myself (Subliminal Code Remix)
28.Lets Make Evil (Autumn Nocturne Rework)