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Vita Noctis

"No Place For You"


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Release: 2016
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Vita Noctis - No Place For You CD

Daft Records is extremely proud to present almost 30 years after their 1986 debut 12 inch "Vita Noctis" and the double album "Against The Rule" (2011) wich contains all material released by the band in the 80ties, a complete brand new album from this Belgian duo with 12 outstanding synthpop "old-school" minimal wave tracks including a collaboration with Zoltan Freitag. Sleeve design by Stephan Barbery and Peter Mastbooms, Co - production by Dirk Ivens and mastered by Eric van Wonterghem.
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1.Drop The Silence
2.Day By Day
5.I Still Believe In A World
6.Kleine Berthold
7.Fragile Life
9.No Place For You
11.Serial Killer
12.Something New Feat. Zoltan Freitag