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Release: 2013
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Vàli - Skogslandskap LP

This gatefold LP (180g heavy virgin vinyl) includes a poster and PVC protection sleeve. It is limited to 500 copies.

Infos about the album:Vàli is one of the best-kept secrets among lovers of nature-related acoustic music. The Norwegian one-man project's debut album, "Forlatt," was already released back in 2004 in a limited edition that was quickly sold out.

Now, finally, their eagerly anticipated sophomore "Skogslandskap" (english: "Wooded Landscape") is ready for release. "Skogslandskap" seamlessly picks up where "Forlatt" left off, enchanting you with its timeless simplicity and elegance. Fragile compositions for acoustic guitars are still very much at the centre of Vàli's music. These are augmented by yearning string arrangements, pastoral flute melodies, and accentuated piano sounds.
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Label's catalogue number:AB 059 LP
1.Nordavindens Klagesang
2.I Skumringstimen
3.Gjemt Under Grener
4.Langt I Det Fjerne
5.Mellom Grantraer
6.Himmelens Groenne Arr
7.Et Teppe Av Mose
9.Dystre Naturbilder
10.Flytende Vann
11.Stein Og Bark
12.Lokkende Lyder
14.Roede Blader