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Von Thronstahl

"Return Your Revolt Into Style"


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Release: 2010
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Von Thronstahl - Return Your Revolt Into Style 2CD

Deluxe 2CD digipak inside a beautiful elaborate gold printed cardboard-slipcase. This is the much demanded and long overdue re-release of the extremely rare album, originally released in year 2002. This is the first time, that this long 'lost' album is being re-released. All tracks had been recorded between 1999-2001 and came now digitally re-mastered with a much fresher sound than ever! This special re-release furthermore comes with a second CD, densely packed with rare remixes, different versions of well known tracks and a number of previously unreleased, exclusive tracks!
InfraRot sales rank:634
InfraRot item number:2006.262
Label:Trutzburg Thule
Label's catalogue number:TRUTZCD007
3.Aufstand / Riot
4.Rücke Vor Bis Zur Schlossallee
5.Re-Turn Your Revolt Into Style
6.Rhein-Gold (Impression)
7.Mutter Der Schmerzen
8.Hey Ho, Spann Den Wagen An
9.Brechen Muss Der Schwarze Bann
10.Star-Wars, Stripes & Pyramides
11.Radio Free Europe
12.Babylon The Great Has Fallen
13.Europa Calling (George Forestier Poem Version)
14.Brechen Muss Der Schwarze Bann (Todbereitschafts-Version)
15.Little Black Angel (Featuring Seetha/The Invicible Space Cat)
16.Germanium Metallicum (Befreiungs-Mix)
17.Wider Die Masse (Gitarren Mix)
18.Bellum Sacrum Bellum (Krieg & Wahrheit Mix)
19.Torture Tactics . Cover Version (Acylum)
20.Rücke Vor Bis Zur Schlossalle (Mountainking Mix)
21.Junge Wilde Tiere (Early Version)
22.With The Sound Of The Drums (Early Version)
23.Beauty Of Life & Eternal War (Fragment)
24.Let The World With The Sun Go Down (Early Version)
25.Acylum: Northern Sons Under Southern Skies
26.Immune System/Von Thronstahl : Hochdeutsche Liebschaft (A.R.)
27.Deutsche Passion (Volltext Untermalung, Featuring Uwe Lammla)