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Release: 2007
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Wavefall - Heartstarter CD

The key of ignition to your daily life, the biopulse of your heart, beaten in the chaotic motion of the modern megapolis, saturated by sins, madness, electronics and machines. The second release of "Moscow" based project continues the general line of its first-born album (2006 "Huge Frustration"), all elements, thankfully to which the group obtained large acknowledgement also beyond the borders of Russia, were represented here in even the more saturated forms. Aggressive rate, distorted vocal, catchy music there is no need to repeat again all merits of the band. Good to note increased professionalism of the group, which allowed them to make compulsive arrangements to the material. Its own world, created by Wavefall, was built on the fragments of the reality, brought down two years ago by album "Huge Frustration". All which is must for dancefloor and starter to your heart. Its concentrated in 16 compositions of album. It is a worthy continuation of the debut.
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1.The Beginning
3.Childish Story
4.Dance With Me
5.Life In Extreme
7.Its My Life
8.Freedom Car
10.Tribal Body
11.Unbelievable Mess
12.Get On Fire
13.Tuty F. Fruity
14.What Is True Love
15.Freedom (Part 1)
16.Freedom (Part 2)