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Release: 2010
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Wavefall - Tronics MCD

Russian Wavefall plays EBM with dark electro influences and distorted vocals. Sometimes you will also hear a roaring guitar, but the music has no futurepop influences. Comparisons with Hocico and Funker Vogt are somewhat justified, but Wavefall sounds different anyway. Sometimes the classical bombastic sounds make you think of Flesh Field as well.

Year 2010 - destructive machine named Wavefall gets on new engine, this time with remix album, compiled with selected works from more than 2,5 hour materials. Remixes are made on tracks from the first two albums of band (2006 and 2008) and the two new tracks "Childish Story", "Fantasia" are also represented in the remixed versions. Its published by very limited print run.
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Label's catalogue number:ad-07-ep
1.Dance With Me (Salusa Secundus Remix)
2.Dedication (World Mix)
3.Tuty F. Fruity (Invalid Love Club Remix)
4.Childish Story (Tanza Mix)
5.Dedication (Id Molotov Remix)
6.The Shadow (Pirates Mix)
7.Freedom (Requiem For Fm Versus Wavefall)
8.Collider (Speed Mix)
9.My Desire (Repus Tuto Matos Remix)
10.Devil's Clones (The-pulsar Remix)
11.What Is True Love...(Nexus Vi Remix)
12.Love Consumer (Ash 42 Remix)
13.New Form (Space Mix)
14.Tribal Body (Deadjump Remix)
15.Fantasia (Streem Mix)
16.On My Knees (Skazka Remix)