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Within Temptation

"Black Symphony (Deluxe Edition)"

2CD + 2DVD


Release: 2008
Status: Sold out
Within Temptation - Black Symphony (Deluxe Edition) 2CD + 2DVD

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Label:Gun Records
1.Ouverture - Live) (Video
2.Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) - Live) (Video
3.The Howling - Live) (Video
4.Stand My Ground - Live) (Video
5.The Cross - Live) (Video
6.What Have You Done - Live) (Video
7.Hand Of Sorrow - Live) (Video
8.The Heart Of Everything - Live) (Video
9.Forgiven - Live) (Video
10.Somewhere - Live) (Video
11.The Swan Song - Live) (Video
12.Memories - Live) (Video
13.Our Solemn Hour - Live) (Video
14.The Other Half (Of Me) - Live) (Video
15.Frozen [Video]
16.The Promise [Video]
17.Angels [Video]
18.Mother Earth [Video]
19.The Truth Beneath The Rose [Video]
20.Deceiver Of Fools [Video]
21.All I Need [Video]
22.Ice Queen [Video]
23.Backstage [Video]
24.Documentary [Video]
25.Countdown [Video]
26.Black Symphonie DVD Menu [Video]
27.Intro Beursgebouw [Video]
28.Jillian (I'd Give My Heart) [Video]
29.The Howling [Video]
30.The Cross [Video]
31.Hand Of Sorrow [Video]
32.The Heart Of Everything [Video]
33.Restless [Video]
34.Our Solemn Hour [Video]
35.Mother Earth [Video]
36.Jane Doe [Video]
37.The Truth Beneath The Rose [Video]
38.All I Need [Video]
39.What Have You Done - Videoclip
40.Frozen [Video]
41.The Howling [Video]
42.All I Need [Video]
43.The Making Of Frozen [Video]
44.The Making Of The Howling [Video]
45.The Making Of All I Need [Video]
46.World Tour Impressions: Japan [Video]
47.World Tour Impressions: United States [Video]
48.World Tour Impressions: South America [Video]
49.World Tour Impressions: Europe [Video]
50.TFM Awards Benelux [Video]
51.The Dutch Pop Award Show [Video]
52.Photoshoot Erwin Olaf [Video]
53.Orchestra Recordings [Video]
55.Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)
56.The Howling
57.Stand My Ground
58.The Cross
59.What Have You Done
60.Hand Of Sorrow
61.The Heart Of Everything
64.The Swan Song
66.Our Solemn Hour
67.The Other Half (Of Me)
69.The Promise
71.Mother Earth
72.The Truth Beneath The Rose
73.Deceiver Of Fools
74.All I Need
75.Ice Queen