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"Wreath of Barbs (13th Anniversary GOLD Edition)"



Release: 2014
Status: Sold out
Wumpscut - Wreath of Barbs (13th Anniversary GOLD Edition) 2CD

2CD (digipak/dvd sized) with main/classic album (2001) and full-length Remix-Album (2014),which contains 7 all new remixes from a Remix-Contest + one remix by A7IE and :Wumpscut:’sversion of KIRLIAN CAMERA’s überhit ‘Eclipse’, that was included on the first edition of ‘WoB’…

Limited edition of strictly 500 copies
InfraRot sales rank:2,122
InfraRot item number:9942.941
Label:Beton Kopf Media
1.Opening The Gates Of Hell
2.Deliverance (Album Mix)
3.Wreath Of Barbs (Album Mix)
4.Dr. Thodt
5.Mankind's Disease
7.Troops Under Fire
8.Line Of Corpses
9.Hate Is Mine
10.Bleed In Silence
11.Wreath Of Barbs (Instinct Primal Extendead Remix)
12.Khristfuck (Reiz Remix)
13.Wreath Of Barbs (Desastroes Remix)
14.Line Of Corpses (Cynical Front Remix)
15.Wreath Of Barbs (Violet Remix)
16.Troops Under Fire (Turmyte Remix)
17.Wreath Of Barbs (Xsry Remix)
18.Eclipse (:w: Remix For Kirlian Camera)
19.Wreath Of Barbs (A7Ie Remix)