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"1980-1982 Complete Works"


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Release: 2015
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X-beliebig - 1980-1982 Complete Works 2CD

Format: 2CD digifile. Genre: Post-Punk, from Austria.

“Rage in the gut, embers in the head" (from the song Leben ist Blut / Life is blood) there is not really a lot more to add. Three youngsters whose lyrics still manage to conjure up the images of an Austria from the early 80s which is gray and drab. Or as Martin Blumenau once put it: "It was Austria's finest band back in the day, a band nobody knew: X-beliebig!" This nice double-CD features ALL the tracks that the Austrian band ever released: Their First official Tape, their only LP, a 7” single + 2 tracks never released before. ALL 21 songs are being release for the first time ever on CD!
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