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X Mouth Syndrome

"Dirty Grace"


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Release: 2015
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X Mouth Syndrome - Dirty Grace CD

Style: Electro/Darkwave

The music of the French quartet X Mouth Syndrome - XMS - is a perfect combination of original electronics, EBM, electropop, gothic and industrial elements which enchains the listeners by an incredible variety of expressions and by catchy vocal melodies. This is the third album for the project, and on ‘Dirty Grace’ the band formulates the best principles of electronics including them into a long sequence of tracks (20!) ready to amaze a wider audience of fans. Forefront of proven value, this project contaminate their audience by determination and great com-posing ability, demonstrating once again to be the absolute protagonists of an effervescent electro multi-style that will surprise you with its extraordinariness.
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2.Dirty Grace
3.It's Extreme
5.Kill You With Fun
6.The Cry
8.Good Times
9.Just Say
10.Just Need The Beat
12.Nothing Is Wrong
13.The White Light
14.Find A Way
15.Under My Pill
16.Never Crawl
18.Sell My Brain
19.Small Talk
20.Russian Night