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Release: 2016
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X0ks - FEmale#01 CD

x0ks is Female and Male, the special music mediators for Anouk and Sneji Tigerpaw; They are techno and noize loving cyberskunks from outer space. On their exploration and scanning the galaxies, they stumbled over a tiny solar system with an blue planet called #3742gamma314. They never expected what they found there, skunkionid lifeforms that love their music too. Holy skunk of the ancestors what a wonderful discovery! Sneji and Anouk couldnít believe it. Anouk and Sneji have spent years on research, and one day they found a matching couple, with right brain-conditions. To establish an uplink to control these lifeforms. After some tests and observing the behaviour of the carrier they started to form a band called x0ks. And now, they are bringing the cyberskunk noize to that little funny blue marble called Earth. Here are the Cyberskunks from outer space!
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Label:Sleepless Records
1.Alphaone Part 1
2.Alphaone Part 2
3.Beyond Final Frontiers
8.Tortuous Flaw