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Xeno & Oaklander



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Release: June 2016
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Xeno & Oaklander - Topiary CD

Ghostly International presents Xeno & Oaklander's new full-length album Topiary. In their fifth album to date, the Brooklyn based girl / boy electronic duo explores themes of arcana and electricity. The title 'Topiary' refers to a highly ornamental hand sculpted garden such as Levins Hall in Cumbria UK or the stately grounds of Versailles. Pruned and fashioned into forms, shrubs and trees are turned into semblances of abstract and natural shapes - nature imitating nature, much to the delight of dreamers and romantics. The band, Sean McBride and Liz Wendelbo, views the album as a journey through the manifold hallways of electro magnetic architecture and enchanted landscapes. The sound of Topiary is rich and deep; like a 60s French Pop album shot through a prism of late renaissance chamber music. Liz Wendelbo's voice seems haunted by ghosts of YeYe girls, Francoise Hardy's whispers set against a glorious backdrop of blaring synthetic horns and organs.
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2.Virtues And Vice
8.Worldling Worlds
9.Topiary Ii